Friday, 14 February 2014

Visit To Historic Orwell Corner

This past spring Angela and I had great fun visiting Orwell Corner Historical Village. We had both been there as young kids but have forgotten much of the experience. We had a great few hours checking out the enormous amount of history there. So much about the old way of life in PEI.

With our baby in tow we walked around the grounds which let us experience what the old days were like.
We toured through an old school house and Angela was pretending to break an old chalkboard over Gilberts head. A scene from the Anne of Green Gables movie of course.

Orwell Corner Historic Village
So many cool things from the past. An old music player we saw as we went through one of the homes.
One thing that was very surprising is how low the doors are in the old house. How did we get so much taller in a 100 years or so?

The general store with stocked shelves.

Orwell Corner General Store

People used to barter a lot and bring in eggs etc. to trade for goods like lamp oil. Cartons to hold all the eggs below.
I wonder what they used cyanide for back then? No one at the store knew.
The post office in the back of the store.
 An article in the museum saying how much wood one should be able to cut with an axe in 8 days. Wow what hard work!
Our baby, Dawson loved the sound of his echo in the church!

We were surprised at how enjoyable of an afternoon it was. We highly recommend a trip to Orwell Corner if you like old time stuff and seeing farm animals too. Fun for adults and kids!
It takes about 35 to 40 minutes to travel there from the Seawinds property.
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