Thursday, 13 February 2014

Tree Planting At Seawinds

Not a season goes by that we are not planting some trees and shrubs at Seawinds. We love trees as they give privacy, shelter and habitat for the wildlife.

In the early 1800s PEI, had an enormous variety of plants, shrubs and trees. It was called an Acadian forest and covered about 95 percent of the island. As settlers came and cleared much of the land for farms, they also reduced the diversity and as well the beauty.

We have been sourcing many of our trees from Macphails Nursery in Orwell Corner. They specialize in growing native PEI trees and shrubs in an effort to restore some of our forests.

Check out their website:

Darren Perry Gary Schneider PEI
Darren and Gary Schneider(the go to guy)

Angela picking out some different kinds of native shrubs.
Angela Perry

This season we picked up some native PEI hardwoods and shrubs.

These slow growing hardwoods may take a long time to grow but they will still be looking great long after we are gone!
We planted some of the hardwoods amongst the spruce trees and built cages around them to keep the critters from eating the tree bark.

Cages Protect Tree Bark From Mice
Easy to see the Red Oak leaves in the fall.

Red Oak

Wild Rose is very hardy and thorny. No animals will chew on these!

Wild Rose PEI
We have some nice White Ash that were planted about 8 years ago. Really starting to grow now.

The buffer zone along the water has been planted with various low growing native shrubs like Serviceberry and Wild Raisin which are great for attracting birds who like to eat the berries.

Native Shrubs PEI Buffer Zone
 Love bird watching!
Blue Jay
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