Sunday, 23 February 2014

Our Shoreline

We love our shoreline!

Fun ideas to do on the shoreline: take a stroll, skip rocks, take out the kayaks, look for shells, swim, or have a campfire.

There is a set of stairs that leads down to the shore just past the hammocks that are in the trees.

The staircase is built sturdy and safe.

Looking North East we can see the New Bridge in Rusticoville. I am not sure why it's still called the New Bridge as it been there for many years! The little boats tied up by the bridge are used mostly by locals who like to travel up the river to try their luck at trout fishing. If you like fishing you can try fishing right off the wharf of this bridge. Sea Trout are usually caught here with minnows and you need some patience to catch them. Certain times of the year are better than others. If you use worms and bottom fish you will be sure to catch a flatfish very quickly!
Looking South West to New Glasgow.  It's not uncommon to see Blue Herons standing along the water's edge looking for small fish. Eagles and hawks are often seen flying above, also looking for fish.
The water is tidal and in the picture below, the water has receded about 20 feet. That's about an average tide but depending on the time of the month and wind conditions, the water can go in or out quite a bit farther.
The water is more salty then fresh (brackish) as the water flows out through North Rustico Harbour and into The Gulf Of St Lawrence, just a few kilometers away.
Swimming here is very safe, if you're comfortable swimming in deep water. We do suggest a pair of protective shoes for the walk out to the deep water. Shells can be very sharp on the feet. The New Glasgow River (also referred to as the River Clyde) is generally not much more than 12 to 15 feet deep.
Growing up on this river I used to love swimming here as the water was always slightly warmer than the water at North Rustico and Cavendish Beach. The other nice thing is very rarely would there be any jellyfish this far upstream.
The tide is not strong as the river is quite wide. The only area that the water can move swiftly is where the river narrows under the bridge.
Its an excellent place to teach children about the ecosystem of a shoreline.
Shoreline PEI
Flipping stones to find little creatures.

Clams and mussels can be found along the shoreline. Walk along the water's edge and watch for them to squirt up water out of their holes in the sand.

You can find sandglass which are old pieces of glass that have been worn smooth by the friction of the waves and sand.

We hope you enjoy and explore the shoreline!
Seawinds Cottages located in Rusticoville PEI.

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