Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Powered By Green Energy

We are proud to say that Seawinds Cottages has have been powered by green electricity since 2013. Bullfrog power allows businesses and homeowners to utilize green energy. 

For a minimal monthly increase in our electricity bill we can ensure that all our energy consumption gets put back into the grid by means of green energy from sources like wind, solar and hydro electric.

Like many people we are very concerned about how we can lessen our impact on the environment and feel Bullfrog Power is an key part of our environmental strategy.

Visit Bullfrog Power's website:

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Safer Hot Tub Chemicals

We are always looking for ways to make your experience at Seawinds more enjoyable. We decided to start using a more natural method of treating the water in the hot tub. We will still be using bromine as the sanitizer but this system allows us to use less which is good for your skin and body while still maintaining safe, properly sanitized water.

The product added to the water is called Mineralux.

The website is:

The hot tub experience will be healthier for your skin and expose you to less chemicals which is a concern for many people these days. Bromine is a halogen and is in the same family as chlorine, fluoride and iodine. If you research it on Google you will find many who think it may absorb into the body and inhibit iodine absorption and other affects.

We are looking forward to investing in this Mineralux system to hot tub this 2014. We expect it to double our cost of maintaining the hot tub but feel it will be appreciated by our clients.

Happy hot tubbing!!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Seawinds FAQs

Is there a local grocery store?
Yes there are two grocery stores nearby. There is one in South Rustico called Gallant's Clover Farm. The other is located in North Rustico and it's a Co-op. Both are located on Route # 6.

What are the buoys out in the river?
They are mussel buoys. Mussels are growing on ropes suspended from these buoys. You can check out our blog for more information on mussel farming.

Is there a manager on the property?
Yes, there is a full time manager who takes care of all your needs during your stay. The manager's phone number will be documented inside the cottage.

Where are the closet restaurants?
If you are looking for a basic family restaurant then there is By The Bay in North Rustico. If you would like bit nicer place we suggest the PEI Preserve Company located in New Glasgow. The Preserve Company has really good breakfasts as well! There are 3 lobster suppers located close by, as well. Check out our blog link on the nearest lobster suppers;

Do you allow pets?
No sorry, we do not. We are respectful of people who have allergies and wish to have a pet free stay.

Is the hot tub private?
There is one hot tub located on the property that is shared between the 5 cottages. It is partially surrounded by a privacy fence for shelter from the wind.

What's the shoreline like?
The shoreline is easy to get to as there is a stairs at the base of the property that takes you down to the water. It's a rocky shore that is great for walking and exploring. It's perfect for swimming if you are adventurous and don't mind wading out through a bit of rock and grass. Check out our blog on our shoreline for more information:

Is there an office onsite?
Yes there is a small office onsite that is used by our manager when onsite.

Once we arrive, if we need something, who do we call?
Our manager is the person who will be looking after all your needs while at Seawinds. The manager's phone number is located in the cottage.

Is there a phone inside the cottage?
Yes there is a cordless phone located in each cottage. The phone can be used for local calls. In order to make long distance calls you will need a calling card. There is voice mail included with this number.

How do we check in and what time?
Check in is at 4 pm and check out is 10 am. Feel free to call the morning of your check in to see if the cottage will be available sooner. It depends on the number of cottages changing over that day. We pride ourselves on really clean cottages so it does take some time.

What about additional guests?
The cottage will only be rented to the persons who are on the guest registration. People who show up that are not on the guest registration will not be allowed to stay at Seawinds. The price of each cottage is listed on our website and includes 1 to 4 people. Each additional person (maximum of 6 per cottage) will cost an additional $30.00 per night and $75.00 per week. Visitors are welcome of course as long as they comply with our noise policy and leave the property by 11 pm.

Where are we located?
We are located on route # 6 in Rusticoville, PEI. Centrally located and close to all the benefits of Cavendish with out the hustle and bustle.

What is your deposit and cancellation policy?
We require a 30% deposit on booking. This deposit is non refundable. If you cancel and we can fill the dates you had held then we will consider a refund less a 100.00 administration fee. This is at our discretion.

What are your methods of payment?
We prefer Visa or MasterCard. Cash is also accepted. No personal cheques accepted.

What is your noise policy?
Seawinds is a quiet restful place and has a strict noise policy after 11pm. The property is very quiet at night, so there is no sitting out on decks and talking. Even a moderate volume can be very disturbing to a cottage nearby with their windows open. The police will be called if this policy is not adhered to.

In terms of seeing both ends of the Island, where are you located?
We are located in Rusticoville which is a perfect home base for your Island stay. We are centrally located on the Island giving you an easy drive to both tips of the Island. It takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to get to each tip from Seawinds Cottages.

What are your dates of operation?
We open for the season on May 1st and close Oct 31st

When are your off season dates?
The Spring off season is May 1st to June 25th. The Fall off season is Labour Day to Oct 31st.

When is the Cavendish Beach Music Festival and rules in regards to that?
The festival is on July 4th to 6th, 2014. We have a minimum 5 day booking policy over that weekend. We advise that Seawinds Cottages has a quiet family atmosphere and has a strict noise policy so it is not a place to party.

Where is the closest Liquor Store?
It's just a 5 minute drive into the community of North Rustico.

How far is Seawinds Cottages from the Airport?
The airport is a 25 minute drive to Charlottetown.

How far is the Confederation Bridge?
It take about 40 minutes to travel from the bridge to Seawinds.

How far is the Wood Islands ferry?
Travelling to Wood Islands will take about 1.5 hours.

What do we need to bring with us?
You will need to bring all your personal belongings that you want to have on hand. You may want to bring beach towels. We supply all the linens, towels, kitchen utensils, dishes and pots and pans. Getting groceries is easy as there are grocery stores nearby.

How can I get around?
Getting around PEI will require the rental of a vehicle as most communities are spread out.

Are the cottages non smoking?
Yes, we want clean fresh rooms for all our guests.

Do we allow tents or campers on the property?
Tents and campers are not allowed.

How much parking is there onsite?
Each cottage has enough space for 2 vehicles.

Can we have a campfire?
Yes there is a campfire pit at the base of the property near the waterfront. Free firewood is stacked nearby the fire pit as well as kindling, paper and a BBQ lighter.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch.
or 1-877-618-5561

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Our Shoreline

We love our shoreline!

Fun ideas to do on the shoreline: take a stroll, skip rocks, take out the kayaks, look for shells, swim, or have a campfire.

There is a set of stairs that leads down to the shore just past the hammocks that are in the trees.

The staircase is built sturdy and safe.

Looking North East we can see the New Bridge in Rusticoville. I am not sure why it's still called the New Bridge as it been there for many years! The little boats tied up by the bridge are used mostly by locals who like to travel up the river to try their luck at trout fishing. If you like fishing you can try fishing right off the wharf of this bridge. Sea Trout are usually caught here with minnows and you need some patience to catch them. Certain times of the year are better than others. If you use worms and bottom fish you will be sure to catch a flatfish very quickly!
Looking South West to New Glasgow.  It's not uncommon to see Blue Herons standing along the water's edge looking for small fish. Eagles and hawks are often seen flying above, also looking for fish.
The water is tidal and in the picture below, the water has receded about 20 feet. That's about an average tide but depending on the time of the month and wind conditions, the water can go in or out quite a bit farther.
The water is more salty then fresh (brackish) as the water flows out through North Rustico Harbour and into The Gulf Of St Lawrence, just a few kilometers away.
Swimming here is very safe, if you're comfortable swimming in deep water. We do suggest a pair of protective shoes for the walk out to the deep water. Shells can be very sharp on the feet. The New Glasgow River (also referred to as the River Clyde) is generally not much more than 12 to 15 feet deep.
Growing up on this river I used to love swimming here as the water was always slightly warmer than the water at North Rustico and Cavendish Beach. The other nice thing is very rarely would there be any jellyfish this far upstream.
The tide is not strong as the river is quite wide. The only area that the water can move swiftly is where the river narrows under the bridge.
Its an excellent place to teach children about the ecosystem of a shoreline.
Shoreline PEI
Flipping stones to find little creatures.

Clams and mussels can be found along the shoreline. Walk along the water's edge and watch for them to squirt up water out of their holes in the sand.

You can find sandglass which are old pieces of glass that have been worn smooth by the friction of the waves and sand.

We hope you enjoy and explore the shoreline!
Seawinds Cottages located in Rusticoville PEI.

PEI Waterfront Cottages with a convenient central location which is close to Cavendish, North Rustico, New Glasgow and just 20 minutes outside Charlottetown.

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Friday, 21 February 2014

The Dunes

The Dunes Gallery is a pretty unique place to visit. Lots of artwork, furniture, clothing, jewellery and neat things you might like to buy for your home or cottage. There is also a CafĂ© located inside.

Take a few moments to check out the interesting landscaping around back.

A roof top pond.

We really liked the furniture from recycled fishing boats.

We were there early in the season and never had a chance to try out the food, but most of the reviews in the link below are really positive.
Seawinds Cottages are located in Rusticoville PEI.

PEI Waterfront Cottages with a convenient central location which is close to Cavendish, North Rustico, New Glasgow and just 20 minutes outside Charlottetown.

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Professional Photos At Seawinds Cottages

We would like to thank Matt Dobson of Matt Dobson Photography for spending some time at the Seawinds Cottages property and taking some awesome pictures. As most people may know when taking good interior shots, it can be tricky to get the lighting right. Matthew did a great job and we highly recommend him for your professional photo needs on Prince Edward Island.

Check out Matt's website to see our cottage pictures and get to know a bit about Matt:

A couple of the many great shots he took:

Seawinds Cottages New Glasgow River Clyde
Seawinds Cottages Waterfront Shoreline

Seawinds Cottages Executive Cottage 4
Seawinds Cottages Executive Cottage 4

Seawinds Cottages Villa
Seawinds Cottages Luxury Villa

Seawinds Cottages located in Rusticoville PEI.

PEI Waterfront Cottages with a convenient central location which is close to Cavendish, North Rustico, New Glasgow and just 20 minutes outside Charlottetown.

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North Cape Wind Farm

This past fall we took a drive to North Cape (the very west tip of PEI) to see the windmills. Angela and I have been to many places around PEI but we had yet to see the windmills. We were a little late in the fall (Nov) so the interpretive centre was closed for the season.

It was windy the day we were there and the blades were spinning away generating power for PEI homes.  It is pretty awesome to see the sheer size of these blades in action. If it was a tad warmer and less windy we would have hit up the 5km interpretive trail along the water.

I can say it was a neat place to see and between the trail, the shore and the restaurant it's a good place to spend 2 to 3 hours. If I remember right, it took about 1.5 hours to drive from Seawinds Cottages to North Cape.
 You could hear the hum of the blades in the strong wind.

One of the blades on the ground for an example of the size as its hard to tell how massive they are when up in the air!
North Cape PEI
The Irish Moss harvesters were busy hauling moss up from the shoreline with a tractor and laying on the clay road near the cliff.


I must say based on the day we were there, its a great place for windmills. Very breezy!

So finally we saw the windmills! Another little trip off the list. Growing up and living in PEI for many years does not mean that we took the time for taking in all the PEI sights and attractions! The fun part for us at this point in our lives is to return to PEI and stay at Seawinds Cottages and look at the Prince Edward Island through fresh eyes. Visiting places we always wanted to check out. Having a young son will mean our future trips to PEI will be occupied with some fun ways to show our son how great of a place Prince Edward Island is!
We would love to have you check out our website and use Seawinds Cottages as your home base for a vacation in PEI to remember. 

Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Toy Factory in New Glasgow

A neat place to check out is the Toy Factory. A small toy shop in New Glasgow that makes a lot of its products by hand. It's about a 5 minute drive from Seawinds and a great place to grab a gift for the children or grandchildren. Our son has a couple of handmade pull toys he received as gifts from here. They are very durable and safe. He loves to tow them around!
Toy Factory New Glasgow PEI


Their website is:

Friday, 14 February 2014

Visit To Historic Orwell Corner

This past spring Angela and I had great fun visiting Orwell Corner Historical Village. We had both been there as young kids but have forgotten much of the experience. We had a great few hours checking out the enormous amount of history there. So much about the old way of life in PEI.

With our baby in tow we walked around the grounds which let us experience what the old days were like.
We toured through an old school house and Angela was pretending to break an old chalkboard over Gilberts head. A scene from the Anne of Green Gables movie of course.

Orwell Corner Historic Village
So many cool things from the past. An old music player we saw as we went through one of the homes.
One thing that was very surprising is how low the doors are in the old house. How did we get so much taller in a 100 years or so?

The general store with stocked shelves.

Orwell Corner General Store

People used to barter a lot and bring in eggs etc. to trade for goods like lamp oil. Cartons to hold all the eggs below.
I wonder what they used cyanide for back then? No one at the store knew.
The post office in the back of the store.
 An article in the museum saying how much wood one should be able to cut with an axe in 8 days. Wow what hard work!
Our baby, Dawson loved the sound of his echo in the church!

We were surprised at how enjoyable of an afternoon it was. We highly recommend a trip to Orwell Corner if you like old time stuff and seeing farm animals too. Fun for adults and kids!
It takes about 35 to 40 minutes to travel there from the Seawinds property.
There website is:
Visit our website at