Saturday, 10 March 2012

PEI Mussel Farming

One of our most frequent questions at Seawinds is about the numerous buoys in the river below the cottages. These are buoys which hold up socks of mussels off the bottom of the river. This farming method ensures fast growth with no little stones (pearls) in them.

The socks have been filled with little mussels and will take about 2 years to grow into a full size mussel.

The picture below shows the rows of mussel buoys in the New Glasgow River.

Mussel Buoys New Glasgow River

The strings of mussels hang about 10 feet down into the water.

A great video by Chef Michael Smith on how the mussels are processed.

Mussels farming is an important part of PEI's economy as they are shipped over Canada and the US.

Another video by Chef Michael showing how easy it is to cook PEI mussels. I love the ending as every time we cook mussels I drink the juice too!

Quality mussels can be found almost everywhere in PEI. Tasty just on their own or can be cooked in wine, with onions and garlic added for extra flavour. Once cooked, dip in melted butter as everything tastes better in butter.

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