Saturday, 3 March 2012

North Rustico Harbour

One of our favourite places to visit when we are at Seawinds is the Range Light at North Rustico Harbour. Its a spot where the water of New Glasgow River and Rustico Bay flow through a narrow channel out to the ocean.

The lighthouse, North Rustico Beach, and a fisheries museum are all within walking distance.

Check out a little seafood restaurant called Blue Mussel Cafe:

There is a fisheries museum to see:

If the tide is out you can park right on the sandy shoreline. Its a great place to get out and walk around to look at the scenery.

Sandy Shore Parking North Rustico Harbour

The Range Light is a wharf with a light which guides boats into the harbour after dark. For years people have been coming here to relax, get some sun and swim.

Rangelight North Rustico Harbour

Deep Sea Fishing boats have to pass by the Range Light on the way out to fish. Its a great place to watch lots of boats pass by.

Lobster Fishing Boat North Rustico Harbour

The water is lots deep for jumping off the wharf. Be aware that the current can run fairly strong through here when the tides are coming in and out. Also keep an eye out for boats.

North Rustico Harbour
In my younger days this wharf was a great hang out and place to cool off!

Outdoor Expeditions operates guided kayak tours from the Harbour. Check them out at

Kayaking North Rustico Harbour

Someone trying their luck fishing off the wharf.

Fishing North Rustico Harbour

A wall of course rock protects the Harbour from the rough waves that are common in the fall and winter.

Breakwater North Rustico Harbour

North Rustico Harbour is a must see when staying at Seawinds Cottages. Just a 5 minute drive from our property.

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