Thursday, 1 March 2012

Bald Eagles And Osprey

Its almost a daily occurrence to see the Bald Eagles and Osprey flying over head at Seawinds. Its a frequent flight path as they soar along the shoreline looking for food.

Its not hard to tell the difference as the Eagles are much larger and seem to soar effortlessly. The Osprey are more talkative so to speak and tend to hover in one spot as they scan below.

The video below is of Bald Eagles and was filmed from one of the cottage decks.

Check out the link below for more information and hear what a Bald Eagle sounds like.

Here is a good link to see more information about Osprey and listen to the sound they make.

These birds coasting along the water is a site to see. Most city and county folk alike cannot help but take a moment to stop and appreciate them.

We are fortunate there is a Osprey nesting pole within walking distance. Hopefully they will be back to nest like they were last year.

Thanks to Joeys Deep Sea Fishing for putting up the nest.
Here is a link to their site: Great people to go fishing with and just a quick stroll down the road and across the bridge.

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