Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Fresh Seafood North Rustico

Theres a great place in North Rustico to get some super fresh seafood. This is a must stop for those who like to put together a superb meal from the sea. Its call Doirons Fisheries and is located right on the wharf at 54 Harbourview Drive. If you turn towards North Rustico Harbour from the center of the village you will find it on the right side.

Doirons Fisheries
Doirons Fisheries

They have fresh and cooked lobsters. I think they cook them up perfectly so that's what I usually purchase. Also a variety of fish and shellfish!

They have more pics of what they offer on their website:
Their phone # is 1.902.963.4442

A nice meal idea is to get a bag of cooked lobster from Doirons and then head farther down the road to the North Rustico Harbour (the range light) and enjoy!

 Each Seawinds Cottage has a large lobster pot if you wish to cook your own. Its a perfect way to have a lobster dinner while enjoying the great view and fine weather.

Visit our website at or call us at 1 877 618 5561