Saturday, 10 March 2012

PEI Mussel Farming

One of our most frequent questions at Seawinds is about the numerous buoys in the river below the cottages. These are buoys which hold up socks of mussels off the bottom of the river. This farming method ensures fast growth with no little stones (pearls) in them.

The socks have been filled with little mussels and will take about 2 years to grow into a full size mussel.

The picture below shows the rows of mussel buoys in the New Glasgow River.

Mussel Buoys New Glasgow River

The strings of mussels hang about 10 feet down into the water.

A great video by Chef Michael Smith on how the mussels are processed.

Mussels farming is an important part of PEI's economy as they are shipped over Canada and the US.

Another video by Chef Michael showing how easy it is to cook PEI mussels. I love the ending as every time we cook mussels I drink the juice too!

Quality mussels can be found almost everywhere in PEI. Tasty just on their own or can be cooked in wine, with onions and garlic added for extra flavour. Once cooked, dip in melted butter as everything tastes better in butter.

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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Lobster Feasts, North Shore of PEI

One of the highlights of visiting PEI is to have a delicious meal of Lobster. There are plenty different options in your quest to satisfy your taste buds.
You can visit a lobster pound and buy live lobsters and take them back to your accommodations and cook them yourself. This is not for the faint of heart as many have trouble plunging them into boiling water and not feeling just a bit sorry for them.

You can decide to purchase them cooked from a lobster pound and not have to worry about the actual cooking part and the good thing is some places have perfected the cooking process so they taste superb with just the right amount of salt and full of juice. The great part about buying this way is you can head to the local wharf or picnic area and have an outdoor dinner for a fraction of the price of the restaurant with no lines or busyness.

Rangelight North Rustico Harbour

If eating outside is a bit to rugged for the occasion then consider a Lobster Supper. There are a few places on the central North Shore area.

Probably the most well known is the Fishermans Wharf Lobster Suppers in North Rustico. Its claim to fame is its unlimited salad and chowder bar which includes dessert. A great place to go if you are feeling extra hungry. I have not ate there in many years but we have got rolls and potato salad to go almost everytime we have been to PEI and it has been great. Our guest that have gone to the Fishermans Wharf to eat have had good things to say about it.

The Fishermans Wharf has about 50 reviews on Trip Advisor with a 3.5 out of 5 rating. Of these reviews,70% would recommend this place.

New Glasgow Lobster Suppers is another great place to try. Located in New Glasgow, a bit of an older establishment but in a great location as it overlooks the New Glasgow River. We also hear great reviews from our guests at Seawinds. Some people like the fact that they are served their complete meal and do not have to be running to the salad and soup bar. They serve unlimited salad, mussels, chowder and dessert with your meal.

The New Glasgow Lobster Suppers has about 44 reviews on Trip Advisor with a 4 out of 5 rating. Of these reviews 87% would recommend this place. This place rates highest of the 3 places mentioned in this post.

St. Anne's Lobster Suppers serves lobster dinners in a church basement. Located in Hope River, this place provides a different experience then the other 2 places previously mentioned. Many like St. Anne's for it uniqueness, while others seem disappointed that its in a basement type atmosphere. However I hear the food is great.

St. Anne's Lobster Suppers has about 5 reviews on Trip Advisor with a 3.5 out of 5 rating. Of these reviews 60% would recommend.

Hope you find this helpful when cruising for lobster on the North Shore of PEI!

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Saturday, 3 March 2012

North Rustico Harbour

One of our favourite places to visit when we are at Seawinds is the Range Light at North Rustico Harbour. Its a spot where the water of New Glasgow River and Rustico Bay flow through a narrow channel out to the ocean.

The lighthouse, North Rustico Beach, and a fisheries museum are all within walking distance.

Check out a little seafood restaurant called Blue Mussel Cafe:

There is a fisheries museum to see:

If the tide is out you can park right on the sandy shoreline. Its a great place to get out and walk around to look at the scenery.

Sandy Shore Parking North Rustico Harbour

The Range Light is a wharf with a light which guides boats into the harbour after dark. For years people have been coming here to relax, get some sun and swim.

Rangelight North Rustico Harbour

Deep Sea Fishing boats have to pass by the Range Light on the way out to fish. Its a great place to watch lots of boats pass by.

Lobster Fishing Boat North Rustico Harbour

The water is lots deep for jumping off the wharf. Be aware that the current can run fairly strong through here when the tides are coming in and out. Also keep an eye out for boats.

North Rustico Harbour
In my younger days this wharf was a great hang out and place to cool off!

Outdoor Expeditions operates guided kayak tours from the Harbour. Check them out at

Kayaking North Rustico Harbour

Someone trying their luck fishing off the wharf.

Fishing North Rustico Harbour

A wall of course rock protects the Harbour from the rough waves that are common in the fall and winter.

Breakwater North Rustico Harbour

North Rustico Harbour is a must see when staying at Seawinds Cottages. Just a 5 minute drive from our property.

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Front Entrance, Seawinds Cottages

Look out for the Seawinds Cottages sign in Rusticoville. Many miss our sign and drive by the first time because the view is so good.

Seawinds Cottages Sign

Looking into Seawinds from across Route #6. The cottage in front is #4, The Executive Cottage and directly behind, facing the other way is cottage #5 The Deluxe Cottage

Cottage # 4 The Executive Cottage facing North Rustico Harbour. Every year we add more trees, shrubs and flowerbeds to the property.

Seawinds Cottages located in Rusticoville PEI.

PEI Waterfront Cottages with a convenient central location which is close to Cavendish and just 20 minutes outside Charlottetown.

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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Bald Eagles And Osprey

Its almost a daily occurrence to see the Bald Eagles and Osprey flying over head at Seawinds. Its a frequent flight path as they soar along the shoreline looking for food.

Its not hard to tell the difference as the Eagles are much larger and seem to soar effortlessly. The Osprey are more talkative so to speak and tend to hover in one spot as they scan below.

The video below is of Bald Eagles and was filmed from one of the cottage decks.

Check out the link below for more information and hear what a Bald Eagle sounds like.

Here is a good link to see more information about Osprey and listen to the sound they make.

These birds coasting along the water is a site to see. Most city and county folk alike cannot help but take a moment to stop and appreciate them.

We are fortunate there is a Osprey nesting pole within walking distance. Hopefully they will be back to nest like they were last year.

Thanks to Joeys Deep Sea Fishing for putting up the nest.
Here is a link to their site: Great people to go fishing with and just a quick stroll down the road and across the bridge.

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Seawinds Two Water Views

One of the best things about Seawinds Cottages is the view! This property is unique in that its perched up on a hill with 2 different water views.

One view looking over the New Glasgow River and rolling farm land. This faces West and is perfect for sunsets. This is where Seawinds meets the waterfront.

The cottages which take in this view are the 4 Star Villa (cottage #6), 3.5 Star Deluxe(cottage numbers #1 and #5) and the 3 Star Standard (cottage#2).

West view:

River Clyed, New Glasgow River

The other fabulous view we have is facing East and overlooks farmland and off in the distance North Rustico Harbour. This is where the New Glasgow River meets the ocean.

Sit back and take in beautiful sunrises and watch deep sea fishing boats travel in and out from fishing trips. Our property does not meet the water here but the view is superb. 

The cottages which take in this view are the 3.5 Star Executive (cottage # 4) and the 3.5 Star Deluxe (cottage #1).

East view:

Fishing boats coming in to the wharf just down the road from Seawinds.

The cottage that takes in both East and West views is our 3.5 Star Deluxe (cottage #1).

Seawinds Cottages located in Rusticoville PEI.

PEI Waterfront Cottages with a convenient central location which is close to Cavendish and just 20 minutes outside Charlottetown.

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4 Star Villa

A collection of pictures from the 4 Star Villa. Our most private and in demand cottage has had some interior updates within the last year. Be sure to book early for this unit as many repeat guests book a year in advance to ensure availability.

Located at the rear of the property, facing west over the New Glasgow River. It has a beautiful large flower gardens and shrubs. One of the most private cottages.

Picture below shows the rear of the Villa. The front has the large deck overlooking the water.

Seawinds Luxury Villla

Seawinds Luxury Villla

A view from the deck. Great place for morning coffee.
Luxury Villa View

A comfy couch to unwind and maybe read a book. Caught me taking a break. Now residing in Toronto, Seawinds has become a special treat for us too! You will feel well taken care of by our manager Judy is on site everyday to make sure everyone is having a great vacation.

A propane fireplace with built in TV above.

Dining nook has lots of glass to take in the water view.

A spacious living area is perfect for extended stays. Walls are decorated with scenic PEI landscapes.

Next we will give a more in depth look at how the cottage is equipped in regards to things like dishes, towels etc.


We are proud to offer rental cottages in PEI that you can feel at home in!


Seawinds Cottages located in Rusticoville PEI.

PEI Waterfront Cottages with a convenient central location which is close to Cavendish, North Rustico, New Glasgow and just 20 minutes outside Charlottetown.

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Fire Pit

Nothing better than spending some quality time around an open fire. A great way to enjoy the outdoors. This picture is from very early spring, in case your wondering why everyone seems bundled up. A fire is a must do activity and is a great way to get to know your fellow visitors.

Seawinds Cottages Fire Pit

We make having a fire easy for our cottage guests as we supply all the free dry firewood you need. Also paper and matches are supplied.

Free Firewood!